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Easy Lucra is here to entertain you

Let's build one of the best online job sites allowing you to earn money in the fastest and easiest way.

 For that I need you here most of the time answering the questions in the polls with images, videos, open questions, in the end, here you have everything, because in addition to earning money you get more knowledge through of the variable questions!


>>>Our marketing strategy is to open a new mordena social network that makes payments available to its users who provide online services, answering questions and quiz for you to generate revenue.

Yes, that's what we want, but at the moment we have a small site. But from small it becomes big, who knows how to touch today's gigantic social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.... But for you to see another great network in the air, we need you, we need users always in our network if interacting with the content, sharing it with as many friends as possible, we will grow, and together with you! Come and settle here, be part of our team! 



Founder: Anderson Bento 

Bento, founder of Lucra Fácil

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Understand how the website works!

How does it work? 


  • Bonus Income: 0.05 to 0.20$ (Polls, and Open Question)

  • Active Income: 0.15$ to 0.50$ (Quiz, and Closed Questions)




✅ Easy Luck is an entertainment website that adds daily knowledge of your daily life, allowing you to earn money, with Quiz and Interactive Polls.


  • How to earn money by answering "Quiz and Polls"



  • First you register, after that you will be directed to another page, then you answer if you are able to be part of the active community and that's it! Confirming this, you will be part of our active community and from there you can start answering the interactive questions on the site!


  • Understand "Earnings"

 Earnings are calculated by two methods, Bonus Income and Active Income. 

Bonus income is generated by polls, which is a type of free-form interactive content among users, that is, the answers are of their own opinion, based on voting on a certain subject. The profit is calculated according to your daily visit to the site, and mainly by voting polls.

Earnings are estimated in the value of 0.05$ to 0.20$ per visit and poll, and 0.15$ to 0.50$ for quiz answers.

There's also another way to earn money in "easy profit", you'll see later.

Remembering that you can answer the same quiz twice a week, if you break this rule, you will have -0.70$ in your account.

Warning:You will not be able to exceed the limit of 2 days without accessing and interacting on the site, otherwise the system will implement- 0.59$in your account, stay tuned. 

If the user answers the quiz and gets all the conclusive questions right, and the system analyzes that it was internet fishing, the user will have the quiz canceled and the $ amount will not be accumulated. If the system finds that there has been some slighter response violation, we can just divide the accumulated value. Ex:0.50 divided by 2 is = 0.25$ so you will only have half of the accumulated amount.

In other cases, if the active user violates our guidelines over and over again, we will just send you an email asking you to correct your excessive errors on our network, otherwise you deny or continue to circumvent our guidelines, our system will analyze the situation and we can make the appropriate decision to block the user on our website. In other words, you will no longer be an active user of this community, and you will only be able to visit and answer some questions, comment, enjoy the available content, but you will not earn anything for your interactions!

  • Understand the "Virtual World"

It's working with us through the "Virtual world" a page that allows you to share your content with us, through the social member of the active community. Anything you find interesting and that adds to people's values, you can share on the network, of course all this following our rules and guidelines.

The virtual world is a free page for active users, for those who want to post their photos and videos of some moments, whether funny, entertaining, contagious or nostalgic.

The Virtual World is faithfully paying for active users, two values of its market, which is "followersandLikes". For beginners, the virtual world market value is worth 0.04$, that is, for each new follower on your profile you earn 0.04$, remembering that this value can increase as you gain more engagement from the public. make an example of how much you can earn, let's say you get 150 followers within a month, see how much you earn 0.04$ * 150 followers you earn= 6.00$ per month, now the earnings with "Curtidas" works in the same way, the difference is the lower value, being the value of 0.02$ per like. remembering that this is an estimate of earnings, probably with other content you will profit much more, but all this will depend on your effort, and to get many people, you will create content that aggregates in people's interest. 

In the Virtual World it may be the page that will give you the most money freely, because there you post and let it happen... if you are an influencer or youtuber and you are used to creating interesting content, this is the time to use this strategy to attract people to your posts, and thus you will earn a lot of money in a few days.

Don't waste time and embrace this opportunity to profit non-stop at "Lucra Fácil"

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Easy Profit, a path to possibilities!

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