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My luck

Understand the Concepts

Come earn your extra income online.

100% reliable!

Place your bet now and compete for the triple you invested.

People betting money, bet and challenge

Shall we bet now?

It's simple and easy, you choose which challenge you want to do, and choose the desired amount. Now wait for another participant to appear to take on this challenge and choose the same value as you proposed.

There is also another betting option, which is (Individual Bet)

Participant in standby mode.

Double 1

Dupla 2

Bet value: 7.10$ /About 1.89% rate. 

Opponent's charge: $7.10.

Gross profit: +6.97$ from the opponent!


This betting content is one of the fastest ways for you to make money online too, having the opportunity to choose what to bet on.

Yes to bet, active users have the freedom to participate in these contents, "Bet & Win".

  • Forto participateIt's very simple, all participants who want to participate must go to "Payment form", choose one of the options you want to bet on, then make the payment and register the contact. After that we will classify your name on the waiting list because your bet was in doubles.

  • Remember, Lucra Fácil is completely trustworthy in all its actions with its users and visitors. So we are more than 100% reliable, including in the payment relationship.

  • So whenever you make a payment here, rest assured, your money will be safe. In case of any unforeseen circumstances or if you want to give up, you can request a refund at any time. 

  • On this waiting list, you are placed in waiting mode, that is, waiting for another participant to arrive and want to accept your challenge to play and bet with you.

  • Individual bets are the same payment method, the difference is that you won't need to wait for a new player to bet with you. As soon as you make the payment, you can now take part in the challenge. 

  • Bet value, In doubles betting, if you want to invest in the game with x amount, you will have to wait for someone to invest in the same x amount.

  • Game start, ex: Carlos wants to play one of the duo challenges, he's waiting... soon Gustavo agrees to join this challenge too, they both pay to participate. Once the pair is formed, now that's it, after that, both of you must go to the block of the desired game or challenge, and enter your name and... Good luck! remembering that the game is individual and must be done in your own time, after the game ends we will receive the results, so we will know who won.

  • Winner, the winner will have his money invested back, plus the amount invested by the opponent who lost. (A Bet is a Bet)

For those who lost, we will be sorry, but it's a game and a bet, so that's part of it. But don't give up, keep betting that one day you'll win, maybe the next! 

If you have any doubts about anything, go to 'Contact'!

Âncora 1

Participant in standby mode.

Double 1

Duo 2

Bet value: 5.50$

Opponent's charge: $5.50 

About 2.8% rate. 

Gross profit: +5.35$ from the opponent!

come make more profit

Bet: +Profit

List of participants who bet on the week.

The bet is individual!

Participantes Ativos

Do you want to profit faster? see the best roulette wheel for you, as you can bet alone.

Bet amounts: $2.50, $5.00, $7.00, $10, $12.

Each value to post will have a quantity limit to spin the roulette wheel.

Ex: you pay 3 reais to spin, and you will have the chance to spin the lucky roulette wheel 8 times.

In this case, the real market value will look like this: Bet value; 2.50$=(5)chance!

5.00$=( 9 ) Chance!

7.00$=( 12 ) Chance!

10$=( 16 ) Chance!

12$=( 20 ) Chance!

Bet: Super Draw

List of participants who bet on the week.

The bet is individual!

Active participant

The Super Draw is a free and individual bet.

It works like this; You have to choose 3 numbers from 1 to 100. In the online drawer, 5 numbers will be drawn every day from Monday to Friday, the result will be released on Saturday.

So the chance of you profiting is very high, as each day a new draw of 5 numbers comes out, and this increases the chance of you matching your chosen 3 numbers!


Competing Values 

Bet $1.00 and win 10 reais,

$2.00 to $20.00

$3.00 to $30.00

$4.00 to $40.00

$5.00 to $50.00

And so on until the maximum value, 10$ for 100 reais.

I believe you won't miss out on this opportunity, right!

Choose your 3 lucky numbers, and bet now, the chance is yours.

After choosing, record the three numbers and place them in theform payment.

choose number from 01 to 100

Hey, you chose, paid the desired amount, now follow the results every day.

Every day the result will be updated, and on Saturday I released the result of who won the bet.

Attention: If the user is suspicious of the results, there will be video proof that will include the date and time of the draw!

Weekly Results!















See results via video!

Ver resultado por vídeo!

Scoring Roulette

Another incredible opportunity for you to make money.

 Your challenge will be to spin this roulette wheel every day, from Monday to Friday. Or better yet, you can spin the wheel at any time.

The secret is to get the highest score possible, but to do this you must spin the roulette wheel many times during the week, taking 1st place and winning the biggest prize. 

Following prizes... 1st place wins $20, 2nd place wins $10, and 3rd place wins 5 Reais, simple right.

And all of this will be worth $1.50, WOW... It's worth it or it's not worth it, only Lucra Fácil does this, so take advantage of this opportunity now!

Weekly result



1º Lugar/

Prêmio; 20,00$


2nd Place/

Award; $10.00


3rd Place/

Award; $5.00

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