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If you want to withdraw your winnings, make the request in the "Request your winnings" block below. You can request the amount available in the balance at any time.

How to make the request? It's very easy, you fill in the fields with your first and last name, and then with your e-mail. 

In the "your account" field, fill in your bank account details separately if you do not have the pix. if you have the pix send it to us in this field saying; My pix: @... in case it's email, or your phone number, CPF, or random key.

Ready, easy and simple informed where you will receive your money, sent, now leave it with us! 

piggy bank

Claim your winnings!

Here's your payroll. see now, your estimated earnings.


With just one click on the button that corresponds to your name, the system would direct you to the individual payroll!

✅ Only for those registered and confirmed as an Active User!

Every time you want to check your earnings, you can click on your name below!

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