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Virtual world

Social network

How does the Virtual World work?

How to make money fast with the Virtual World?

The amount varies according to your profile between 0.50$ to 5.00$, it is the maximum money you can receive during the month with just one post, think about it, apart from the tasks you answer. it's too much money! so run and don't waste time. remembering if your post reaches 100 likes, whether likes and dislikes or engagement, your payment status will increase without limits.

What kind of content should I post?

The accepted contents are images and videos of you, or a tip about something, for example, wear an outfit and want people to interact with your image by giving their opinion and like or dislike!
You can also share moments from your daily life or something that inspires other people, finally do something that interests you and other people. the more people react and see your posts, the more you profit.

Prohibited Content: Pornographic images and videos, or scenes of any violence not tolerated by law!

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